Logo Design / Brand implementation / Retail / Pattern / Agency: Neumeister

From the fields to the table

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I was asked to join the team at Neumeister in the process of creating the new brand.  The result was a refinement of the previous symbol - a seed representing the core of the cooperative:  ‘från jord till bord’ in Swedish, translating to ‘from the fields to the table’.   Together with an experienced printshop and through numerous press checks, we managed to create a smooth gradient for an elegant 3D effect.

I also created a pattern representing the roots of Lantmännen, the fields where it all begins.

. . . .


An agricultural cooperative rooted in Swedish farming and owned by about 29,000 farmers around the country, needed to update their overall brand, including the existing icon representing a seed. The new brand needed to unite the very broad cooperative, feeling cohesive and strong.