Logo Refinement / Brand Implementation / Print / Retail / Digital

Following the footsteps of four generations of bakers and pastry chefs, Emanuel am proud to carry on the traditions cultivated by his ancestors, rooted in quality and tradition.

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Along with updating the logo, adapting a more modern and classy feel, I created a more exclusive graphic profile for the brand Emanuel Andrén. Using black as a holding colour to all applications, the emphasis would be on the beautifully handmade pralines as the unique works of art that they are.

The business card printed on a Curious touch paper, adding one more sense to the experience, while using a white silkscreen as well as a tinted varnish for the ultimate impact.  

A website was created to showcase the beautiful chocolate collection. The design mimicking an art gallery displays each piece of chocolate as a painting in an art gallery.

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Emanuel Andrén is an award-winning chocolatier, who produces and sells chocolates and confections throughout Sweden as well as abroad, while running the family bakery and cafe. As the bakery has been in the family since 1868, the traditional brand needed to be updated, feeling more premium and exclusive. There was also a need to create an online presence for the artistic chocolates.